Technology Overview

Due to power outages, all critical refrigeration system uses diesel generators which are expensive to operate. Inficold’s Thermal Storage is world’s first retrofittable cooling backup product, which provides most affordable cooling backup for milk cooling and cold storage. This patented product has faster payback period in various combination of grid availability scenarios.

Product Offerings

Solar Bulk Milk Cooler

Thermal Storage System fits to existing or new Bulk Milk Cooler alike and provides cooling backup such that Diesel Gensets are not required.

Solar Cold Storage

This off grid solar coId storage enables farm level cooling for perishable commodities. Electricity generated by photovoltaic panels is stored in form of ice to provide cooling during non-solar hours.

Such world‘s only thermal storage integration transfers cooling from ice through refrigerant based direct expansion evaporating unit.

Solar Instant Milk Chiller

Instant Milk Chiller as name suggests, instantly reduces the milk temperature from 35 C to ~7-4 C depending up the milk flow rate. It reduces total milk cooling time and minimize need to DG. When integrated with Solar, it eliminates the need of DG for milk cooling.

Data logger for Bulk Milk Cooling

It integrates with Bulk Milk Coolers to monitor critical field data such as milk quantity, temperature, & power consumption, etc. It uploads the data on server to provide deep insights into field operations, and predict maintenance. Broad adoption of this product across collection centers can lead to improved milk quality and reduced operating expenses. These insights can help identify cost saving.



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